Galina Petrova – US Peace Corps Kazakhstan


    During my two year service with the US Peace Corps in Kazakhstan, one of the most supportive Peace Corps staff that gave me a lot of support was Galina Petrova.  She was in charge of the library, resource center and travel.  I really enjoyed talking with her and could see why she was one of the most favorite Peace Corps staff in the country.  I gave her the Russian America poster and US flag you see in the background and she was very happy.  It is sad that the Peace Corps was shutdown in Kazakhstan a couple weeks ago, I really wish the best for Galina.

    This image is also memorable to me in that some of my friends were surprised I was a wearing a “Once a Marine” t-shirt as a Peace Corps volunteer.  I was not sure what I was thinking, that is why people call us Marines, Jarheads.  🙂

    Galina Petrova - US Peace Corps Kazakhstan