My Kazakh Host Brother and Sisters

For two years they kept me company during my Peace Corps service in Karatau, Kazakhstan.  We even had sibling fights and arguments, especially Gulzhan (in the tanktop) and I.  It was an enjoyable two years.  Ulzhan (holding Diana in her arms, a little baby who chatted with me in English last year.) was a great cook but she left after the first year to study medicine in Almaty.  Gulzhan always walked to me to the bazaars and store, she was one of my most reliable host sister, one time carrying nearly $1,000 US for me without realizing it (I needed her bag to carry the money the Peace Corps sent for my living allowance and other expenses) to the local bank.  Aizhan was my faithful student and little sister who also turned out to be a good cook.  Shurek, the youngest, always accompanied us and now has sense grown into an attractive young man.  Oh then last there Aselya (in the sunglasses) who always made me laugh.

I need to return to see my host siblings again.  It has been nearly 13 years.

My Kazakh Host Brother and Sisters - Karatau, Kazakhstan

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