SaigonNezumi’s Best Halal Restaurants in Saigon (2011)


Edit: I forgot to mention Halal@Saigon.  I will do a review of this restaurant later.

In 2011, I created one of the first halal travel sites for Vietnam under the name GoHalalPlanet.  I visited over 35 restaurants that identified themselves as being halal.  Most of my original reviews for these restaurants were posted here at SaigonNezumi.  Since SaigonNezumi gets many visitors searching for halal restaurants in Saigon, I decided to come up with a Top 10 list of what SaigonNezumi felt were the best halal restaurants in Saigon in 2011.

A note for Muslim budget travelers, it is possible to have three full halal meals (with drinks) for under $5 US per day.  Just visit Pho Muslim (only mornings and evenings), Kedai Zai Dah (only mornings) and Sara Halal Food (only evenings) restaurants.

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All links for the restaurants will direct to the GoHalalPlanet page for Saigon where you can find the addresses and halal information.

2011 Top 10 Halal Restaurants in Saigon (SaigonNezumi)

  1. Berru Turkish Coffee & RestaurantBest Halal Turkish Restaurant
    • Opened in November, 2011, it is the first Turkish family run authentic halal Turkish restaurant in Vietnam located in the An Phu Ward.
    • One of the few fully halal restaurants in Saigon (no alcohol is served).
    • Doner kebab is served after 6:30 PM daily.
    • Highly recommend you try Iskender, my favorite Turkish dish.
    • They will offer Baklava soon.
  2. Baba’s Kitchen – Best Halal Indian Restaurant
    • My all-time favorite halal Indian restaurant in Saigon located in the Backpacker area (Pham Ngu Lao).
    • Co-owner, Robin, offers the best customer service in town.  He is supported by Expats, Vietnamese and the local Muslim community.
    • Baba’s Kitchen caters for many of the Foreign Consulates in Saigon, including the Malaysian General Consulate.  It is the busiest halal restaurant in town.
    • Baba’s Kitchen is ranked the 3rd best restaurant in HCMC according to Trip Advisor.  This restaurant is always packed in the evenings.
    • Highly recommend the Northern Thali, my favorite from Baba’s.  Butter chicken is another one of my favorites.
  3. Kedai ShamsudinBest Nasi Goreng
    • One of my favorite halal Malaysian restaurants since 2009 run by the Cham Muslim community located in District 10.
    • Kedai Shamsudin always has tourists buses catering to Muslim tours arriving for lunch and dinner, please come early if you do not want to wait long.
    • Highly recommend the Nasi Goreng and Curry dishes are my favorite here.
  4. Sara Halal FoodBest Halal Cham Cuisine
    • One of my most visited halal restaurants in Saigon run by a Cham Muslim family in the Phu Nhuan District.
    • Only open in the evenings.
    • All the rice dishes are great, perfect for takeaway.
    • One of the best three restaurants for Muslim budget travelers.
  5. Restaurant D’Nonya PenangBest Halal Malaysian Restaurant
    • Another great Malaysian restaurant serving Penang cuisine is located in District 1 near the Central Mosque.
    • I never had a bad dish at D’Nonya, my favorite is Char Kway Teow.
    • As with Kedai Shamsudin, D’Nonya gets visited by Muslim tour buses around lunch and dinner times.
  6. Satay House Malaysian Restaurant Best Satay
    • Well known Muslim owner of the famous, and now closed Malaysian Satayhouse (formerly 35 Mac Dinh Chi, District 1), his restaurant is now located in the Phu Nhuan Airport.
    • Besides Berru Turkish Restaurant, the owner is one of the few Muslim owners and cooks that will accept full responsibility for the halal-ness of his restaurant.
    • Highly recommend the satay here, it is the best in town.
    • As with many popular restaurants, Satay House will have several Muslim tour buses visiting around lunch and dinner times.
  7. Four Seasons (Bon Mua) Restaurant
    • Another one of my most frequented halal restaurants located in District 1 not far from the Central Mosque run by a Cham Muslim family.
    • I normally eat either the Char Keow Teow or Nasi Goreng.
    • Another busy restaurant during the lunch and dinner times by Muslim tour buses.
  8. Pho MuslimBest Bun Bo Hue & Pho
    • Pho Muslim is run by a Cham Muslim family in District 1 not far from the Nancy Mosque.
    • They serve halal Pho in the mornings and bon bo hue in the evenings (check times).
    • Pho Muslim serves the Best Pho in the city, the bun bo hue is very delicious too.
    • One of the best three restaurants for Muslim budget travelers.
  9. Kedai Zai Dah
    • A small restaurant run by Malay Muslims in “Muslim Alley” located in the Phu Nhuan District.
    • Offer both halal Malaysian and Vietnamese cuisines including pho and bun bo hue.
    • Only open in the mornings, the chef caters in the afternoon and evenings.
    • One of the best three restaurants for Muslim budget travelers.
  10. Taj Mahal Restaurant
    • A hard to find halal Pakistani/Indian halal restaurant run by Pakistani Muslims in Pham Ngu Lao.
    • The curries and somosas are great.
    • The restaurant is small, seating may be limited.
    • Park your motorbikes somewhere else, it is hard to find parking in the alleyway.

I understand that several “award” winning “halal” restaurants did not make my Top 10 List.  If you visit the above restaurants, I think you will understand.  Again, please feel free to comment below.


  1. Baba’s Kitchen and Taj Mahal are mediocre at best. Flavors of India used to be good, but that has shifted to the plaza (the one with the bowling alley) across Vincomh.

  2. Hi, there. There is no fried rice and fried rice with curry powder in US ? (Nasi Goreng)

    You can make one similar dish for yourself, add whatever ingredients you like too (beans peas,saute, any favored peppers, mayos, sauces [tamarin, teriyaki etc], any vegies to decorate it).

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