Update from Saigon

SaigonNezumi will stay online

Sorry guys, seems I have more loyal readers then I expected.  I will not shut down SaigonNezumi, it will revert back to the pre-2009 blogging style.  Thanks to those who personally told me to keep my blog online.  I will have to make some changes though.  All of the categories will be changed to Archived so I can better organize the blog.  I will delete many of the old Pages which no longer pull traffic in.  TECH@SaigonNezumi will be pulled back into this blog as well.  I will have 2-3 contributors that want to post under the Technology section.  Roughly 1/2 of my readers are Techies as well.

I will update this them with new categories and launch the new site during Tet, 2012.  Just a forewarning for some people, I use SaigonNezumi as a social media tool to help market my GoHalalPlanet website which you will hear more about in future posts.  It will also revert to the pre-2009 tech heavy content that brought me clients in the past.  A guy has got to feed himself, right? 🙂

Update from District 1

I have been in my same location for 21 months now.  I do miss the Phu Nhuan District but not the construction noise.  Sadly, the construction seems to follow me everywhere I live.  Since I moved into this house, the neighbors have put up a hotel but the construction is very slow.  They were never loud though until a week ago.  Check out this clip from a couple days ago.  It is actually quiet when I recorded this.  The construction noise goes from 7:20 AM until about 5 PM with a one hour respite around lunch time.

Construction Noise in Saigon (January, 2012)

Hoshi Update

Two days ago, Hoshi finally entered into his un-manhood, the poor guy.  I finally got him neutered.  He was driving me crazy at nights when two of the female cats around my house went into heat.  Below is a video of Hoshi wandering my room while the drugs were wearing off.  Drugged up cats are always funny to watch.

Hoshi Drugged Up after being neutered


As usual, there is some more updates from my photo blog, saigonnezumi.com

More updates later.  I am supposed to be working now…

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  1. Be Bong

    You can move to more remote areas from the city center (dist 7, TB, Q12 etc). I would rent a house that is never on the main street if I were you. Living here has less pressure than living in Japan, I guess.

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