V-in-V (Indonesian Blogger in Saigon)


This afternoon I finally met travel blogger, Evelyne, from Indonesia who runs the blog, V-in-V.  V-in-V is a multi-language Indonesian/English blog about her life and experiences in Saigon and Vietnam.  Most of you will find her blog interesting.  She created this blog to help give Indonesians a better perspective of life in Saigon as a travel writer.  Those interested in travel writers will appreciate her blog.

We both share the same interests in geopolitics, Islam and halal food which made for an interesting conversation during our first meeting at Trung Nguyen Coffee today.  @sgnpilot, Down the Street and Back Again, joined us towards the end of the meeting.

V-in-V blog address: http://v-in-v.blogspot.com/
Follow Evelyne on Twitter: @Ekrist

Evelyne - V-in-V Indonesian Blogger in Saigon