What annoyed me the last week (in Saigon)


Actually, this particularly thing has annoyed me for a couple weeks now.  After the Tet holiday, I noticed that my motorbike is getting damaged at the parking lots and in my house more frequently.  Not just the normal scratches, actual motorbike damage.My left rear taillight on my motorbike has now been damaged at least three times.  Yes I know they protrude outwards but for at over three and a half years, neither rear taillights were damaged.  The first time it happened in my house.  I figured it was an accident until it happened again but I have not talked to my landlord yet due to my working hours.  It popped out again tonight at Vincom Center.

I know for about a month after Tet, people tend to be more irritable then most other parts of the year but I wish they would stop taking it out on my motorbike.  I am tired to have it paid to get fixed.  I might even just remove them and replace them with less protruding taillights.

My Damaged Left Rear Taillight - Yamaha Nouvo LX