Medicine anybody?

One nice thing about Vietnam, if you get sick, you will get all sorts of medicine.  Below is what my doctor recommended to me yesterday for my knees and ankle.Normally my friends and I Google each medicine we get.

Edit 1:  Two of the drugs were removed in the US for fatal interactions, one is dangerous for the heart.  One of the drugs is only for ulcers.  The other two were okay, one is a natural medicine and the last just calcium.

Medicine in Vietnam

2 comments on “Medicine anybody?”

  1. overlain

    I don’t think it is a “nice thing” that VN doctors dispense oodles of inappropriate medicine for every ailment. As your edit shows, much of the medicines prescribed are downright harmful. As the newspapers here have recorded, VN doctors get kickbacks from the pharma companies to prescribe their products.

    • kevmille

      @overlain Unfortunately the same happen at the Western international hospitals as well. I was prescribed for medicine at Columbia Asia, remained on them for 50 days until another Viet doctor at a local clinic told me to stop immediately.

      In the US, my doctor told me that doctors make a lot of money from pharmacies too so it is not just isolated in VN.

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