Exploitation of Asian Women (Books)


Since 1992, I have spent a lot of time researching issues revolving around Amerasians.  I even formed a nonprofit, the Amerasian Foundation, to focus on Amerasian issues.  One of the topics related to Amerasians deals with the exploitation of Asian women.  Generally, where ever the US military had any bases, such as Japan (Okinawa), the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, there is an sex industry established to cater to the needs of the US military.  Similar industries were also set up to cater to the South Korean, Australian, French, to name a few, armies as well.  Since the Vietnam War, these industries have now catered to Asian and Western tourists and expats.

My research looked at how the status of these Asian women played a huge role in the abandonment of the Amerasian and Eurasian children by fathers (a topic I will cover in a later post).  For this blog post, I just wanted to a list of books that I recommend those who are researching this field should look at.  For those in Vietnam researching at how the Expat men are treating Asian women now, these books will be good starting points.

  • Bananas, Beaches and Bases – A section of this book focuses on women and military bases, it also looks at tourism
  • Let the Good Times Roll – This book focuses on the women working the bars outside the US military bases in Okinawa, the Philippines and South Korea
  • Sex Among Allies – This book looks at US-South Korean policy and  the affects on South Korean prostitutes
  • Sex Slaves – Looks at the Asian women sex trade in detail
Edit 1:  Two other books that I recommend as well to go with the above books by Albert Memmi.  These two books will also give some perspective on why people from the Third World do the things we find “unusual” and “not normal”.  Great booksif you plan to live in Southeast Asia for a long period of time.

I am also interested in reading more contemporary research on this topic as well.  If you have any other book suggestions, please add them below.