Le Hong Phong School

If you happen to meet any top Vietnamese student studying their undergrad, masters or Phd program overseas, most likely the student will come from this school, Le Hong Phong.  At one time, Le Hong Phong was one of the top 3 schools in Saigon.  It still has a very good program but in previous years, the school was more selective choosing its students.  If you could tally the number of students from Saigon attending the most prestigious universities overseas, Le Hong Phong will easily be at the top of the list.

Le Hong Phong School - Saigon


5 comments on “Le Hong Phong School”

  1. vous le vous

    No, i think, it no good than before. Many person send their childen to good school backdoor too.

    • kevmille

      @vous le vous I met many amazing students from there. Most are in their 20s now. There is another school but I keep forgetting it’s name. I think there are 3 gifted schools in HCMC now.

  2. vous le vous

    Mr Kevin Miller, you have a quite good-looking site. You design it ? What is your job, may I ask ?

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