Bone 2 Chi Em

I was hungry the other day swaying a bit from my from my normal halal diet routine.  I saw a Bone 2 Chi Em on Nguyen Van Dau street in the Ben Thanh District so I decided to give it a try with my friend.  I tried it before in the Tan Binh District but that no location was not good.  This was was the opposite, it tasted good.

I ordered a bone with rice and eggs.  Sorry, forgot the name.  I am a fan of meat with rice due to my Japanese blood so this was a great combination for me.  My friend had the normal bone with vegetables and fries.

Overall, not bad for the price.  There are Bone 2 Chi Ems across the city so it will be hit and miss to find a good one.  Nothing compares to Bo Ne Le Hong in the Phu Nhuan District.

My bone with eggs and rice - Bone 2 Chi Em, Saigon, Vietnam
Sorry, I forgot the building number for this restaurant.

Bone with vegetables - Bone 2 Chi Em, Saigon, Vietnam

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