La Creperie Brittany Restaurant in Saigon


Update: If you want the free Brittany Kir cocktail, please email Vincent at

Edit: The free cocktail is Brittany Kir, not wine.  My mistake.

A couple weeks ago, I was extended an invitation to visit the new La Creperie Restaurant in District 1.  La Creperie is the first authentic Brittany French restaurant to open in Saigon.  (First 50 people who comment below will get a free Brittany Kir.  See details below.)

Le Creperie Saigon

La Creperie is conveniently located on Le Thanh Ton Street in District 1, walking distance for many people.  As the name suggest, they serve savoury galettes, sweet crepes with the best apple cider in town crepes and also offer wines and other drinks.  For those that like modern European decors to escape the hectic life of Saigon, this is probably the place to be.

The first floor offers seating on high chairs and tables but my presence is the second floor where it is easier to sit down and relax with your laptops.

Le Creperie Saigon

(First Floor – Photo courtesy of La Creperie Restaurant)

On the second floor is the bar and large wine rack.  You can try various Brittany wines and ciders.

Le Creperie Saigon

(First Floor seating  – Photo courtesy of La Creperie Restaurant)

Le Creperie Wine Rack - Saigon

(Cider and Apple Juice Wine rack at La Creperie)

I tried the apple juice Kerne (non-alcoholic) which was good.  I also noticed that they had an espresso machine.  Normally I am not a fan of espressos but the one I tried was very good.  Worth another visit in my book.

Apple Cider at Le Creperie Saigon

(Apple Juice)

Espresso Machine at Le Creperie Saigon

(Espresso machine)

Espresso at Le Creperie Saigon

(Nice cup of Espresso)

Prices are mid-range and comparable to the now closed Java Cafe.  A great place for “coffee shop offices” as well.

La Creperie is located on 17/7 Le Thanh Ton Street in District 1 of Saigon.

Free Drinks for first 50 visitors

As mentioned above, La Creperie will give a free glass of Brittany Kir wine to the first 50 visitors that post a comment below.  When you post your comment, be sure to include your email (your email will only be seen by me and La Creperie).  When I receive the comment, I will email your information to La Creperie who then will contact you explaining how you can get your free glass of White Sangria Brittany Kir.

I really hope you enjoy this drink.  Please feel free to Tweet and blog about this restaurant if you like it.


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