Inaccurate Book Cover?


I am an airplane buff and fan of jet fighters.  One of my favorite planes is the F-14 Tomcat.  Hence, when I saw this book cover at the Fahasa bookstore, it drew my attention.  Unfortunately, if you look at the photo as a whole, you notice that the book cover may not be entirely accurate.  Or so I thought…

When I saw the whole book cover, I was surprised to see the North Vietnamese Migs in the foreground.  I figured it must be wrong but according to this website, the F-14A models did serve 8 months at the later end of the Vietnam War.  They did not have any Mig kills but they did get some combat experience.  This I did not know.

So, in short, the book cover may be accurate.  I would like to know if any F-14 Vietnam Vet crews ever saw any North Vietnam Migs while serving in Vietnam.

F-14 during the Vietnam War?

(F-14 on the book cover)

F-14 and Mig Fighters during the Vietnam War

(F-14 Tomcat and North Vietnam Migs)

Can somebody translate the title of the book for me?


  1. not only the tomcats but the Migs are also not accurate. Mig-21 Reg 5508 belongs to Czech rep and 4418 belongs to Hungarian Airforce which is not in the US up for auction.

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