A new Greener Yamaha Nouvo SX 125

As a proud owner of the first Yamaha Nouvo model and it’s replacement, the Yamaha Nouvo LX, I was surprised to see that Yamaha finally released a new, more environmentally friendly Nouvo model dubbed the Yamaha Nouvo SX.

The Nouvo LX, released in 2008, was a very popular model with some minor issues such as the rear protruding tail lights being damaged in parking lights.  The Nouvo SX reverted back to the traditional taillights which will make many Nouvo riders quite happy saving money on repairs.  The Nouvo SX switched back to the single headlight for this model.  Yamaha switches from the bug-eye headlights to the single headlight between models.

The overall frame, from the photos, looks about the same as the original Nouvos.  I hope they fixed the incline of the seat so the rear passenger will not slide down towards the rider, a real headache when riding with two on the Nouvo LX.

The engine has been replaced by the 125 cc YMJet FI with Diasil cylinder and Forged Piston which is supposed to be more environmentally friendly.  All Yamaha motorbikes will be using this type of engine with the new models.

I have not seen the Nouvo SX yet.  When I bought my Nouvo LX back in July, 2008, I always expected to replace it as soon as Yamaha releases a greener Nouvo.  I just did not expect it to take so long.  I think I will switch bikes during the summer.

More about the Yamaha Nouvo SX with photos can be found at this website -> 2012 Yamaha Nouvo SX

Edit: Some mechanics are calling the Nouvo SX an underpowered Nouvo.  Essentially the same frame as the Nouvo LX with aesthetic changes on the outside.  A smaller engine does not mean a greener engine, just means less pollution is generated since it is not as powerful.

2012 Yamaha Nouvo SX 125

5 comments on “A new Greener Yamaha Nouvo SX 125”

  1. koshin

    Went to take a look last weekend. it looked much better in real. I am getting 1 too next week but i thought about this being a new bike and engine would have some problem initially mass production lot.. give them some time to iron out the problem. Maybe 6 month down the road. I want the red or the black.

    • kevmille

       @koshin I saw it today, it is the same frame as the Nouvo LX.  My friend said that it is greener b/c it just using a less powerful engine.  I also thought the engine may have problems.  Lets see how it holds out during the rainy season.
      Best time for good color selections is at the end of the year before Tet.

  2. christianonpele

    I will wait to the 2nd gen. I bought the Nouvo 4 one week after release. After probably six Months they replace some parts in the 2nd gen model. Anyway I am still very happy with my N4. Compared to the Airblade of my friends I can overtake some of the dusty bus and trucks very easy. I am not sure about the new engine.. Wait for a test drive or a review. 

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