Mixed Service at Vincom’s Highlands Coffee


My American friend and I stopped by Vincom’s Highlands after eating at Carl’s Jr. this evening.  We spent about one hour there but what I really liked about our visit was the mixed service we got from the Highlands staff.  I sat down and a waitress immediately brought me a menu and took my order. My friend got nothing.  She took the menu from me and did not even look at my friend.  Yes, we were at the same table. 🙂

It got even worse, the same waitress brought me my order and again did not notice my friend even though he was waiving at her.  Finally, after he kept calling her, she came over and he asked for a menu.  She brings it but does not return to take his order.  Instead, she came back about 5 minutes later and took his menu, which was open and in front of him, away and gave it to another customer.  She still did not take his order.  I was laughing, he was getting pissed.

He went to complain to the manager.  They came back to apologize and tried to convince him to order something.  He was mad so he refused.

Finally, I asked for the bill, one of the waitresses comes over and starts apologizing to me for the service and gave me the order for free.  That mad me even laugh some more since the service to me was excellent even better with the free order.  So in the end, it turned out to be a good experience for me at Highlands.  I got to bring my “White” friends more often to get some more free things from Highlands.

The moral of the story, Highlands should have given him the same treatment they gave me, especially since we were at the same table.  They should have also given him a gift certificate so he would return later.  Giving me a free order made things worse for them though they thought they were doing a good thing.

Overall, for me, a great night…