Servicing my motorbike


Part of a ritual for me at least every 1500 km here in Saigon.  I decided to get my Yamaha Nouvo LX serviced at the Phong Yamaha Center in District 4.  I had the following serviced:

  • Left rear taillight (the one that seems to aways get damaged)
  • Read brake pad (thanks to Vincom’s steep garage)
  • Oil
  • Rear shocks

The last one surprised, I had no idea one of the shocks were leaking until they showed me.  It must have been damaged the day before since I did not notice any oil at home.

The repairs took nearly 2 hours, I wished I had asked how long it would have taken in the beginning.  My bad.  Total cost was 620,000 VND which is not bad.

See you guys again in 1500 kms…

Servicing my Yamaha Nouvo LX