tech@saigonnezumi Update


    Another small tech@saigonnezumi update.

    Below are updates for Thursday, March 26, 2012:

    1. Red Hat Becomes first Billionaire Open Source Company

    Great news from Red Hat, the creators of Red Hat Enterprise which is the offshoot for both the popular CentOS and Scientific Linux distributions, just became the first Open Source Company to make a billion dollars US.  Definitely great news for those of us open source zealots out there.

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    2. Ex-Googler creates to help users protect themselves from Google

    I had to read it to believe it.  We all know that Google and Facebook track our every move online.  A former Google employee decided enough was enough and created a company to help protect internet users from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Yahoo, to name a few.  You can easily install the software via your browser by visiting the website.  After you installed it, visit some other websites.

    Read more about the founder and here ->

    3. Make free calls with Google Voice over Android/iOS with Talkatone

    Yep, those with a Google Voice number can now make and receive calls with Talkatone on their Android and iOS handsets.  That is great news if you have clients, friends or family overseas that want to call you.  Over a week ago, I got myself a Google Voice number that I now use for business.

    Talkatone works on both WiFi and 3G/4G and can be download from the app stores.

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    The end of my updates for today.