tech@saigonnezumi update for 4/2/2012


    Here is an update of interesting tech articles for today:

    1. 7 Free Instagram alternatives for Android

    Instagram is still not yet available for us Android users.  In the meantime users can try these 7 alternatives:

    1. Hipster
    2. Streamzoo
    3. Lightbox Photos
    4. Pixlr-o-matic
    5. Pixplz
    6. EyeEm
    7. Pix: Pixelmixer

    You can read more about them at the TalkAndroid website here ->

    2. Send Text Messages From Your Browser With MightyText & MobiTexter [Android]

    This post talks about sending text messages from you browser for Android users.  The cost is the same as sending a normal SMS.

    Read more here ->

    3. The Myth of the Linux Distribution

    An interesting read about the “real” differences between various Linux users.  Each distro is more similar then many Linux users realize.

    Read the article here ->

    4. Gentoo Linux releases 12.1 LiveDVD

    Since we are on the topic of Linux, Gentoo just released their latest version on LiveDVD.  For me, I prefer to install the “easy” way from Stage 1. 🙂

    More about the latest release here ->

    5. First Look at Gnome 4

    Many of us long time Gnome users ended up giving it up after the release of Gnome 3.  For me, it ended up pushing me over to the Macbook Pro.  Hopefully Gnome 4 can bring many of us back.  This article takes a look a first look at the Gnome 4 desktop.

    Read the article here ->