tech@SaigonNezumi update for April 10, 2012


    Another update for tech@SaigonNezumi.  I know some are wondering when I will post about Vietnam again.  Patience, I have been busy with other projects. Plus I do have many tech readers as well.

    Today’s update is very interesting focusing on Instagram, HTML5, Twitter and other tech companies:

    Facebook buys Instagram

    Not a surprise to many, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion US, a huge price.  This will bring mobility to Facebook, something it has wanted for quite some time.  Of course, there are those of use who are skeptical of this move. I sense, just my opinion, that there will be Instagram users moving away to other competitors.  I like to see an open source Instagram in the near future, one that will ensure the privacy of the photos and content uploaded.

    Twitter Open Source its MySQL secret sauce

    I was enjoy reading articles about companies open sourcing some of their projects.


    Couple of news pieces about HTML5.  One article suggests that using HTML5 can drive up Mobile usage by 28%.  Very impressive.  I have been told that it is best to focus more on HTML5 responsive sites then with apps.  The second article looks at client-side storage for HTML5 offline web apps. Of course, I will include a link to an easy to use HTML5 Responsive framework that will help you design an HTML5 website easily called Foundation.  I used this framework to create a one-page for

    Other News

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