My Yamaha Nouvo damaged again

Just over 3 months ago my Yamaha Nouvo had it’s left rear tail light damaged at Vincom Center.  Well, over a week ago, it happened again but this time at the Trung Nguyen Coffee shop in Pham Ngu Lao.  My motorbike was not parked near the other bikes, they placed it in front of the entrance which surprised me that it got damaged.  I tried to find the security guard but he disappeared.  The Trung Nguyen staff were not helpful.  

Eventually an older man taped up the tail light but it only lasted a couple hours.  At another parking lot, the parking people decided to take the tape off before realizing what it was for.  I had it re-taped but later the next day, somebody tried to take the tape off. Arghh!!!

Last Saturday my friend repaired the tail light for me.  I am just waiting for it to get damaged again.  I am thinking about finding a way to move the tail lights closer to the frame so they will not be damaged again.

Yamaha Nouvo damaged tail light

Yamaha Nouvo damaged tail light

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