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Just visited a new halal restaurant in Saigon today.  Banana Leaf @Saigon is owned by the former owner of Halal@Saigon offering Malaysian, Singaporean and Vietnamese halal cuisines.  I visited Banana Leaf today with the owner of VNMuslimTours, Mr. Aly.  You will be greeted by very friendly staff and a very outgoing manager.  The manager immediately took our orders and we were promptly served.

I ordered my favorite, red curry with steam rice.  Aly ordered a shrimp noodle dish.  When our food arrived, I was surprised at amount of spice they put in my red curry, it was perfect.  Not too spicy yet enough to make the meal very enjoyable with a great aftertaste.  It is one of the best red curry rice dishes I ever had in Saigon to date.

The restaurant had many visitors when we were there.  It is a new favorite of Malaysian tourists.  One thing I will mention about the restaurant, which is not really normal for many of the halal restaurants here in Saigon, is the service.  It was very good and the staff made the dining environment very pleasant.

A few notes about the halalness of the restaurant.  Banana Leaf is authorized as being a halal kitchen by Haji Chey Muhamach, the imam of the district 8 mosque in Saigon.  He is well known among the Muslim community for not taking any “bribes” when handing out halal certifications.  Hence, Banana Leaf is one of the few truly halal restaurants in Saigon.  A safe place to eat for Muslims.

Banana Leaf Saigon

Banana Leaf Restaurant - Saigon

Red curry at Banana Leaf Saigon
Red curry at Banana Leaf Saigon
Imam Haji Chey Mohamach - Saigon
Imam Haji Chey Mohamach – Most halal restaurants in Saigon would not offer to confirm their halal certification unless it was certified by Haji Mohamach.
Banana Leaf Halal Certificate
Banana Leaf Halal Certificate
Banana Leaf Restaurant - District 3 of Saigon
Banana Leaf Restaurant – District 3 of Saigon

You can visit Banana Leaf at 57 Vo Van Tan in District 3 of Saigon.

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