Saigon Road Rules – Anything wrong with this picture


This picture should speak for itself.  What is wrong with this picture?

Motorbike is going in the wrong direction - Saigon

In Saigon, you always have to deal with motorbikes going the opposite way on a one-way road.  This is on Le Ton Thanh street in District 1 right at the start of rush hour.  When I took the photo, I just wanted the picture of the traffic sign.  I was surprised to see the white Attila going the wrong way.  This is Saigon…


  1. Hi Kevin,

    This is andre from indonesia, i wanna ask about the gym near district 1 because i will stay in Nguyen Trai Area district 1.
    Do you have any recommendation for me ? just wanna pay per visit only because i only stay for at least 3 weeks and hopefully got the low budget Gym (got many weight training equipment with complete dumbell ) hahahha coz im not so interested in cardio area hahahhaha
    thanks for your help

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