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A feature length film about the legacy of the Vietnam War in the personal lives of those who lived through it

American ex-G.I. and filmmaker Lawrence Johnson returned to Vietnam in October, beginning production on his new film, Ghost Money, about his experience as an American entertainment specialist in Saigon in 1972. The filmmaker visited many of the places he “haunted” in 1972 to compare the old and new Vietnams. While in Vietnam 40 years ago, Johnson fell in love with a Vietnamese girl named Candy. Part of the film will follow the filmmaker as he attempts to find her. He also shot dozens of rolls of Super-8mm film of the country the way he saw it. The filmmaker will incorporate this film with the contemporary video as well as animated scenes of his experiences to make the final film.

“It is my hope that Ghost Money will open up a new dialogue on the legacy of war, which go far beyond the destruction of life and property and reach into every area of social and personal life,” said the filmmaker. He is now raising funds to produce the animation for the film.

Supporters can donate at http://www.usaprojects.org/project/ghost_money.

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