Eleven Cafe – Saigon


I have been spending several lunches per week at at Eleven Cafe, 29 Le Anh Xuan in District 1 (Opposite of the New World Hotel).  The coffee and food is really good there and the prices very good.  I always spend below 100,000 VND here.  At lunchtime you need to come about 10 minutes before noon or you will have trouble getting a table.

The atmosphere is really good and relaxing here.  My only complaints are the intermittent WiFi and the smoking.  I would say about 80% there are patrons that just chain smoke.  You cannot escape it and this is one of the main reasons I decided not to visit this restaurant again during lunchtime (this is one of the few restaurants where I have to through my clothes in the hamper when I return home).  Outside of that time, there are less people which means less smoke.

I plan to speak to the owner to see if they can make at least the upstairs a non-smoking area.  Anyway, it is the law but since this is Vietnam….