Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym (Saigon)

I have now been doing Olympic Weightlifting at Get Fit Gym in Saigon for over a couple months now.  My technique is slowly improving though I still have about 6 more months to really get more comfortable with the weights.  I am still just lifting light compared to where I should be at if I want to compete in the Masters level.

If you are interested in my Training Logs, I keep them at my other weightlifting blog, ironDevilDog.com.  I normally train the Olympic Lifts every other day.  If anyone wants to learn them, I can give you pointers though I am not a coach, yet…

Below are some pictures of the area where I workout.  Get Fit does not have any lifting platforms so I have to make do with the area.  They are nice, though, some gyms will not let you do any cleans or snatches without a platform.  Yes, I do drop the weights but the floor has about 5 layers of padding.  The bars do leave some indentation.  I am responsible for some of them but there is a Korean Powerlifter in the evening that adds to them as well…

Olympic Weightlifting Area at Get Fit Gym – Saigon

Identations left by Olympic bar – Saigon

Close up of the indentations lef

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  1. Taylor Pearson

    Wow this is a timely post. I just moved to Saigon and was looking around for good gyms. Does Get Fit have a Power Rack for squatting?

    I went to Lan Anh Club when I was here in January and it wasn’t overly crowded and the Squat Rack was decent. I seriously doubt you could get away with snatching or clean and jerking there though.

      • Taylor Pearson

        Gotcha. I checked out Mach’s Gym today on a friend’s recommendation (despite your advice to the contrary) and it was pretty crummy. Super packed around 7pm and barely enough weights to use the equipment. Definitely won’t be going back.

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