Put the Weights Back!!!


One of the thing that really irritates me at ANY gym are those guys who load up the bars or machines with weights, do one or two reps, AND then walk away from the exercise without taking the weights off.  Look at this picture below:

Leg Press Machine - Get Fit Gym
Leg Press Machine – Get Fit Gym

I needed some 20 kg plates for the Bench Press during my workout today.  I could not find any on the racks and then noticed they were all on the Leg Press Machine. WTF!!!  The last user of the Leg Press put 12 20 kg plates plus 6 15 kg plates on the Leg Press and then left.  He obviously did not put the weights back.  I am not sure who the guy was but I told one of the trainer who told me that if they tell him to put the weights back, he gets angry at him.  

Let him get angry, this is very disrespectful to the other users at the gym.  I have talked to people in the past.  A couple of times I left weights on the bars and felt very bad.  When Expats do this, I hear the excuse “Well the Vietnamese guys need to build more muscle anyway” as justification for their laziness.  Yes, it is quite common to hear this and I am sure you guys heard this at your gyms in Saigon as well.  It is lame excuse.  If the weights are too heavy to take off, then maybe you should just use the regular machines.

Today I had to take about 4 20 kg plates off but there were 3 15 kg plates that I needed to remove.  Yeah, I was not happy since that takes about 2-3 minutes from my own workout.

FYI, 330 kg sounds like a lot on the Leg Press.  It is not, the Leg Press is considered one of the  most ineffective exercises in the gym.  A person may seem they are lifting a lot but in reality, they may be doing only 40%, maybe 50%, of the weight.  Hence, this guy is probably just lifting 132 kg which is not really a lot when compared to the Squats which REAL men should be doing anyway…

This is my venting of the day so if you do not want me to rant off about it again, just put the weights away!!! (^_^)