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    I post two interesting articles from my ironDevilDog.com weightlifting blog that readers here may be interested in.  Most of you may know that I decided to return to Olympic-style weightlifting last November.  It was not easy but since I have returned to both weightlifting and weight training (returned last August), I have mentally and physically felt better.  Most of my posts there are related to my training and how I am dealing with my military injuries over 20 years after they occurred.

    Below are two recent posts:

    1. LiquidGrip is awesome – When you do any Olympic lift, you need to be able to grab the bars with dry hands.  Chalk is the normal aid in helping weightlifters keep their hands dry but in the gyms here in Saigon, you cannot use chalk.  Thanks to a local Crossfitter, I was able to use LiquidGrip for the first time.  It is amazing.  Read more more about my experience with LiquidGrip in the gym -> http://irondevildog.com/liquidgrip-is-awesome/
    2. Squats for Aging Knees – I injured both knees while I was a Marine and was told to stay away from weightlifting for the rest of my life.  This was the worse advice I could have been given.  If I kept doing the squats and Olympic lifts, my life could have been different and less painful today.  Read more here -> http://irondevildog.com/squats-for-aging-knees/

    Please contact me if any of you have any injury issues that may be overcome in the gym.  I am not an expert but I do know the weight room very well. 🙂

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