Finally chose a new responsive them for  I chose Prose from StudioPress as the new theme.  As you all may have noticed, I have not been happy with my past themes until I chose Prose.  I still have to edit the colors for the entire site but as of now, I am happy with the new themes.  I am hoping I will be more active in blogging again.

    I have made other more technical changes as well.  For over a year I was using Cloudflare for this blog’s main CDN, content delivery network.  Unfortunately for me, I saw a huge drop in traffic since I started using Cloudflare.  Most likely this is due to me using the free CDN service but I did not feel that I had enough traffic to use the professional version.  The free version seemed to have many problems according to other users of Cloudflare and I seem to have noticed it as well.  As of now, I will not use any CDN but possibly after the summer, I may give MaxCDN a try.  It has already been touted as one of the top CDNs for WordPress users.

    In the meantime, I am content on keeping it going without using a CDN.  Linode, where this blog is hosted, has doubled the size of RAM for all customers.  Hence my VPS, virtual private server, has 1536 GB or RAM with nearly 40 GB of disk space!  I can put over 50 websites and blogs there at the moment so if you are interested in having your sites run by me, just let me know.  My VPS is currently located in Linode’s Tokyo Datacenter.

    I will also make changes to the Categories and Tags for this blog.  A couple years ago, I spent 3 hours removing many of them.  That was a big mistake and now I will re-add many of the tags and categories that made this blog popular.  It will take about a month since I got 9 years of posts to re-edit.

    I also plan to blog more from my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that I got for a good price last weekend.  It is making me excited about blogging again. 🙂


    1. Your new site design looks good and looking forward to seeing more Vietnam and tech posts from you.

      In regards to CDN on my site Vietnam Travel Guy – I use both MaxCDN and CloudFlare together and I am very happy with the results PingDom says my main page loads in less than 1 second I am doubtful about that load time as I find it normally takes longer

      • Thanks, finally a design I can keep for a couple years. I will not use a CDN for a bit b/c I think my VPS can handle a lot of traffic. Maybe after the summer I will try MaxCDN. Guys who used the paid version of Cloudflare have no complaints but free services can only handle so much. 🙂

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