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Ru. Pho Bar

I visited this coffee shop last week to meet Tiffany Chung, local artist and friend, to catch up.  She recommended Ru. Pho Bar, a new coffee shop that I never visited before.  It has been nearly 7 years since I last drove to Tran Nhat Duat street so I was a bit surprised when I found Ru. Pho Bar there.  This street had not changed much minus Indochina Travel which used to be located on the same street.

We all know I am not an artsy type so the decor of coffee shops never really impress me.  I just care about the environment, staff and, of course, coffee. When compared to The Fig or bang khuang cafe, two other coffee shops I visited last week as well, I found Ru. Pho Bar okay but not a place I want to visit anytime soon.  I leave that honors to bang khuang cafe for now…

As the name suggests, Ru. Pho Bar offers a specialty of pho (I forgot to take a picture, sorry).  The pho itself was really delicious but unfortunately for me, coming straight from the gym, the portions were rather small.  I had some coffee later that was good.

I think many Expats would love this coffee shop since it is quiet.  The staff are polite and quick to respond.  I asked for “all” of my coffee and they promptly filled my entire glass with coffee (to the top).  Prices were okay as well.

Anyway, you can visit Ru. Pho Bar at: 27E Tr?n Nh?t Du?t, P Tân ??nh, District 1, Saigon.

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