My Lifting Straps


At the Get Fit Gym, I know I get some strange looks when I use my lifting straps.  I always use them in the gym when I do the Olympic Weightlifting workouts.  I wear them for all of the Snatch-variant lifts, Deadlift variants and for any Power Clean-variant.  I never use them for the full Cleans.  My choice of lifting straps are the Short & Sweet Lifting Straps from Ironmind.  I have used these in the past and I just love them.

Unfortunately for many weightlifters not used to them, they can be seen as too difficult to use.  They are actually quite easy to use, I love them since I can release the straps quickly when I need to let go of the Olympic Bar.  The photos below will show you how to use them:

The ones above are pretty warn out now.  I have a new pair I will use when these die on me.  I always keep a spare.  I also have looped lifting straps from Ironmind but I prefer the ones above more.