Halal@Vietnam: 4 years of Delicious Malaysian-Vietnamese Halal Food!


When you visit Vietnam, you would most probably most likely spend an evening checking out the nightlife scene in Saigon or  if you are lucky enough and you have money to spare, you’d probably be enjoying your favorite online casino games at the spanking new casino resort complex in nearby Vung Tau, the luxurious Grand Ho Tram Strip. However, do save up for the enriching experience of trying out some exquisite recipes at Halal@Saigon. I won’t recommend any specific meal or entree here at Halal@Saigon as there are simply too many delicacies that cannot be passed up. However, I suggest you go prepared for a hearty 3-course meal. To get some more ideas about the offerings, click on this YouTube link to check out some of the delightful dishes offered at Halal@Saigon. Reading through the reviews and specialities of the restaurant on Google+ will also come in handy.

Halal@Saigon is one of the leading halal food restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. It offers the best quality food at reasonable prices, and is highly favoured by locals as well as visiting Muslims for the enticingly flavoured halal meat cooked in various sauces and spices. You might find this hard to believe, especially with Vietnam’s reputation for not offering 100 % halal meat. However, it’s true! The restaurant not only possesses simple, elegant ambiance, but the delightful aroma of the food wafting in from the kitchens will keep your mouth watering even as you step outside the place. It has also recently won the distinction of having been awarded the Certificate of Excellence for the year 2013 by TripAdvisor.

Halal@Saigon Offers

The culinary delights being offered at Halal@Saigon are primarily Malaysian, Vietnamese and vegetarian. There are some wonderful local drinks as well to savour. The restaurant strictly adheres to meeting the halal requirements of cooking. With their careful selection of halal beef, mutton and chicken, and also some select seafood, it will keep you smacking your lips long after. The food is served keeping the particular needs and with great respect to practices of faith of the Muslim tourists in mind. Keep in mind that no alcohol is served here but  a wide selection of tea, coffee, fresh fruit juices and mineral water and  sodas are readily available. Their coconut-steamed prawns are succulent while those who love fried dishes will appreciate the deep fried prawns dipped in a light batter coating. Their fried chicken in a specially prepared fish sauce will have you licking your fingers in delight.

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Other Pastimes to try in Saigon

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Vietnam is working towards catering to all the gambling avenues for its extensive global clientele with this move. In short, visit Vietnam for some quality halal food at Halal@Saigon and also for the gambling opportunities that are there on offer, along with some local sightseeing that most other visitors and tourists indulge in.

Halal@Saigon is open from 8am-10pm every day  and can be found at 31 ?ông Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City