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Evening rain in Saigon

Got soaked tonight.  Still, when I found a dry place, I got a good shot. Posted from WordPress for Android

Dong Khoi street

I was at L'uisine coffee shop today on Dong Khoi street. The street view from the coffee shop wqs good. Posted from WordPress for...

Masala tea at Babas Kitchen

I guarantee that I will not sleep tonight. Robin gave me a mug of masala tea with probably one of the highest caffeine of...

The Kazakh Language

After English, the second best language I can speak is Kazakh. When I saw this posted at My World, the Russian version of Facebook,...

Banana Split at Fannys

I have had a craving for banana splits foe the last month. Not sure why. My friends and I stopped at Fannys today where...
Vietnamese Communist Flag

BBC: US criticises Vietnam internet control law

Been awhile since I wrote anything related to politics here in Vietnam.  The BBC  published online a report about the US Embassy (in Hanoi)...

Not as advertised…

Wow a perfect shot at Highlands Coffee. I always have to ask Highlands to give me "ALL" of my coffee. They never do it...