Paperwork Update


    Well, I am still in Vietnam due to paperwork issues.  I have signed the contract with my school but before I can get my letter of invitation to process my work visa, I need an apostille of my university degree.  This process should be easy.

    Unfortunately what happened that the Secretary of State’s office in Indiana sent me an “authenticated” diploma, not an apostilled diploma.  It was a fight I was having with the HR at my school since I thought I sent an apostille since that was what I applied for.  An apology letter from Indiana stated that they made a mistake and will reprocess my diploma with an apostille promptly.  This means I may be in Vietnam for at least another month. I should have my apostille as early as tomorrow but most likely I will see a scanned version on Monday.

    Anyway, for those applying for an apostille, Wikipedia lists the requirements for an apostille at this link:

    Another issue I will have is that Indiana uses an electronic seal, not a gold seal.  That may create issues as well but it should not be major.

    Today I also got back my Vietnam Criminal Background Report after waiting 6 weeks (it was supposed to be processed in 3 weeks).  Next week I get three references from my employers and will need to do a medical check at the end of the week.  All of these documents need to be legalized before I got to Kazakhstan.

    Just waiting…