Funeral of General Giap


Edit 1: At noon most of the stations extended the off air time by 5 hours to 5 pm.  HBO is showing movies now.

General Giap was laid to rest today.  For the last two days, many TV channels, including the National Geographic Channel and Star Movies, have been off the air.  They were replaced by the following message:

Channels offline - General Giap funeral
Channels off the air – General Giap funeral

In about 15 minutes most of the TV channels are “supposed” to go back on air again.  The Discovery Channel, Cinemax and HBO remained online during the last two days.

Due to two  day of mourning, many coffee shops and other shops were closed for the last two nights.  I was told some shops closed since the police were going around enforcing the rule and collecting fines.  At the same time, many other shops remained opened as well.

This is Vietnam…