Encrypting Gmail emails with Mailvelope


    It has been awhile since I did any technology blog posts.  I decided it was time to do some again.  As an ICT/Design Technology teacher, I should keep up to date on all technology.  I go through a list of Tech News each day.

    Today I found a good Add-On for Firefox called Mailvelope <https://www.mailvelope.com/>.  I needed this add-on since a friend sent me an encrypted email.  It has been awhile since I used OpenPGP so I needed to find a add-on real quick like.  I searched on Google and found Mailvelope (which is also available as a plugin for Chrome).

    It is quite easy to set up.  There is an interface that will allow you to import your old keys.  I had one that was signed.  When you get an encrypted email, a locked icon will appear and if you already imported your keys, then you can read the email.  It is that easy.  Encrypted is just as easy as well.  Just write your email then then click the locked key icon.

    I think OpenPGP will get more popular with people more concerned about emails and security now.  I know in my future jobs, I will train staff and colleagues to use it more often.

    Mailvelope is a good add-on to have.  Easy beginners.  Nobody has any excuses NOT to encrypt anymore. 🙂