2048 – My Favorite Android Game at the moment


    2048Well, my students got me addicted to 2048.  I started playing this game app last weekend.  I saw many of my students playing it but never understood why they liked it so much.  I did not really take notice until I read some articles about American parents complaining about the new Common Core Math Curriculum.  In short, this curriculum makes students solve math problems similar to how Asians tend to do their math (think abacus).   Anyway, when I read this article, I realized that there may be a reason why it may be popular in Asia.  My students that are good at math enjoy playing 2048.

    I just have one student that has gotten the 2048 tile.  I got the 1024 tile last night.  It is not an easy game to play if you are a person that lacks patience.

    The key I found was to bring your highest number to either the left upper corner or lower right corner (which my students prefer).  When I moved the highest numbered tile to the upper left, I immediately got the 512 tile and after a bit, the 1024 tile.  I still cannot get 2048.

    There are a couple good articles published that also explains how you can get the 2048 tile but that would be cheating. 🙂

    Some interesting facts about 2048, it is entirely open source.  The developer does not even charge for it (I am not sure if he gets any money from Google Ads).

    Well, back to playing 2048 some more…

    Website: http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/