Not going to Danang (I hate snakes)

Green Viper Snake - Vietnam
Green Viper Snake – Vietnam (Source: Tuoi Tre News)

Interesting article coming out of Vietnam now,  “Residents terrorized by explosion of venomous snakes in central Vietnam“.  Seems there is a huge explosion of green viper snakes in central Vietnam.  Not a big surprise since there is a probably an increase of rats and small mice in the same areas in the cities which is one main source of food for any snakes.

I hate snakes, do not like to see them.  I remember debating about NOT coming to Vietnam back in 2004 because I thought snakes would be everywhere around Saigon.  I guess I watched way too many Vietnam War movies with soldiers supposedly dying from snake bites (Platoon).

Luckily this may not be a big problem for Saigon, I hope. Still, a bit creepy for me…

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