Asian women


asian women relaxing smiling lying on the floorWell, this is a topic that raises eyebrows with many people across ethnic lines.  Asian women.  For me it can be an awkward topic since I am mixed Japanese and American, an Amerasian to be exact.  I do not talk about this issue a lot but many do.

Warning, this is a very opinionated blog post…

Angry Asian Man

Yes people, there are actually people out there who hate the topic about “Asian Women” preferring “White Men”.  One popular blog focuses on what they call an “Angry Asian Man“.  This blog looks at particularly the Asian American male emasculated by White America through stereotypes.  Yes, I remember my college days watch a large number of Asian women, American and international, dating just white men.  Being mixed though, I thought this was normal since I was raised in such an environment but I guess from the perspective of the Asian American male, this would be different (though my friend Rob, a Filipino American, seems to have a good reputation with what he called, the White Ladies).

After college, I pretty much forgot about this issue.  White male, Asian female.  Well, until I moved to Vietnam that is…

Vietnamese (Asian) girls only like White guys

Yes, I heard this quite a bit when I lived in Vietnam.  There is a general assumption amongst many White male expats in Vietnam, and possibly Southeast Asia or the whole lot of Asia, that Asian women prefer White men.  One British English school teacher even told me that Vietnamese girls like White men because of their, umm, family jewels.  Other perceptions among White males is that Asian women prefer them over Vietnamese men (in Vietnam) since they are treated better by Westerners.  This may hold true among White males in other Asian countries.  It does seem true that White guys can easily get an Asian girl overseas.  Many of these guys are usually labelled LBH or Loser Back Home, by the Expat female community.  Many are LBHs but somehow in Vietnam, for example, they are able to hide their insecurities.   “It’s a Man’s World”.  You will hear this often in Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

What White Men think of Asian Women is NOT TRUE

I have many more Asian friends then I do White or Western friends.  That is just my nature.  One of the conversations that comes up is about the White men dating Vietnamese girls, for example.  One thing that gets a chuckle out of my friends is the fact that many of the girls dating Western men (regardless of ethnicity) also have other Vietnamese boyfriends.  To this date, I have only met a FEW Vietnamese/Western couples where the Vietnamese girlfriend or wife did NOT have a Vietnamese boyfriend in the background.  Those few were usually Western men that could speak Vietnamese and did not ridicule the Vietnamese culture.  I will assume this holds true for other Southeast Asian countries.  Viet Kieu men, Japanese men, Korean men, etc., tend to have success with Vietnamese women.  I cannot name one divorce or bad breakup involving this group of friends.  With my White friends, well, the list just keeps getting longer and longer each year.

The rest, well do not kid yourself, the constant complaints and nagging about the Vietnamese culture will piss off your “love” one.

And yes, even being a mixed Asian male, this holds true for me as well.

Learn the language.

Learn the culture.

Learn to love the faults of the country you live in.

You are not a King.

Yes, now I have said it.  I told you it would be awkward writing a post about Asian women…