Surprise birthday party at AIS (Memory Post)


This was a very memorable day for me.  April, 2010, was a low point for me.  Everything that could go wrong did.  My students knew it as well.  When Joy and Long gave me a surprise birthday party, I was surprised.  They put a lot of effort into it.  No other student has ever done this for me.  They are still two of my favorite students. 

I miss those days teaching ICT at AIS.  The school was at its peak then, now it is struggling.  Still, I have fond memories at this school.

Below is the original post from April 19, 2010:

Last Friday was my 38th birthday.  I went to my IT class at the American International School and was surprised to find two of my students, Joy and Long, had prepared a surprise party for me.  Joy had made me some pasta with spaghetti sauce, sushi for the entire class and brought a huge cake.  Boy was I glad I skipped lunch that day.

Thanks Joy and Long!  This will be a memorable AIS moment for me to reflect upon in the future.

My Birthday Cake at the American International School
My Birthday Cake at the American International School, it says ‘Big Belly’ and ‘Handsome’on the cake.
Joy preparing for the surprise party
Joy preparing for the surprise party


  1. You’re the IT guy at AIS? Ahhhhh, I know you! You and I share a mutual friend, Linh Trieu. She used to be your coworker, I guess. I think the school I used to work at was trying to hire you some time back. haha, that’s funny. Small world.

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