Teaching Command Line in Shanghai 


    One of things I try to instill in my ICT and Computer Science students is the importance of the command line.  For most of us who learned how to use computers in the 1980s and 1990s, the command line was important.  I never used a graphical user interface until my father got the Amiga 500, a trusty ole computer that eventually pushed me to Linux.  Many of my students have Macbooks so it was easy to get them to use their terminals.  The rest are using Windows, no problem, I have an iMac lab.  I also showed them how to use Putty to secure shell to the iMacs.

    My Grade 10s were up to the task and now have been using command line for nearly 7 weeks now.  They are editing basic HTML web pages and basic Python programs now.  This particular task, I asked them to draw an A4 poster on why they liked the command line.  Below are some of the creative drawings that I had received.  They are very interesting.  Yes, one learned what rm -rf * can do as superuser.