Mobike in Shanghai

This is an awesome app in Shanghai. I wished I  used it before getting an ebike. In short, Mobike is a bike share app. When you need a bike, you open an app and where the nearest Mobike is.

As you can see from the next picture, there are many Mobikes around within walking distance.

Nearest Mobike from my apartment in Shanghai

Mobike is easy to set up due to its English interface. This is how I got WeChat Pay set up as well.  You can either reserve your closet Mobike or just walk to it. You will unlock the bike with the QR Code. Then off you go.

The closest Mobike to where I was

As you can the Mobikes are locked

Just scan the QR Code with your app to unlock

Off you go

What surprised me was how comfortable the ride was. It would be nice to have some gears especially going up some inclines but overall I enjoyed the ride. One 30 minute trip costs 1 RMB. 

Once you are finished, leave the Mobike at a designated bike parking area or near a tree out of the way of pedestrians.

It is nice to leave a picture on the app to help other users find this Mobike.

I left this Mobike by the tree at the back entrance of my apartment complex

I had to manually lock this Mobike

You can actually see my last Mobike and the picture I took

I will be using Mobike more often possibility even selling my ebike.

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