Homemade vegetarian Japanese curry rice

I have now been on a mostly plant-based diet for roughly 6 weeks now. One key meal that helps me transition to this healthier diet is Japanese curry rice. Being mixed Japanese, I have to have this meal at least 3-4 times a week, seriously. Normally every two weeks I make a big pot of curry rice and then freeze up the remainder. It makes for a good post workout meal due to the large amount of protein added to my meal.


Making the meal is actually quite easy if you are a vegetarian. Just switch the meat with tofu and add more potatoes. Below is my concoction for today. I added potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and tofu to this meal. With some of my dishes, I will add some vegan meat as well. The seasonings I tend to use are just black pepper, garlic powder and curry powder. I will simmer this mixture about 30 minutes.

All the ingredients have been added to my vegetable curry

S&B Golden curry blocks are the mainstay of all Japanese curry rice dishes. Luckily, most Japanese curry blocks do not contain any meat. I would call them vegetarian but I am not entirely sure if they are vegan. It does contain oil. I add the curry block at the end of the simmering phase.

Japanese Golden curry block with no meat

Finished dish

As I mentioned, this dish is relatively easy to make. I highly recommend a deeper pan but since I am using an induction stove, I felt it better to use a more shallow pan to speed up the cooking.

Finished 30 minutes simmering

Add to sticky rice and barley

My curry rice tends to be different in that I use a sticky rice and barley mixture instead of white rice. Barley has lots of protein for me which is why I use it a lot in my curries.

Homemade vegetarian Japanese curry with a sticky rice and barley mixture

Close up to my vegetarian dish


My leftovers are always frozen. My main purpose of this dish is for my post-workout meals. I expect to get most of my protein from this dish at lunch. I also add frozen peas to each post workout meal when I heat it up.

Want to try some of my homemade vegetarian Japanese curry rice?

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