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Chill with Linh

In addition to watching vlogs (and reading blogs) in Vietnam, I like to keep updated on Vietnamese vloggers that live outside Vietnam. One of my recent favorites is Chill with Linh who currently works in Tokyo, Japan.

Linh is from Hanoi, Vietnam, but has lived in Japan for awhile now. She was first a student in Fukuoka, Japan, a city popular with Vietnamese students wanting to study in Japan. Over a year ago, she made her move to Tokyo where she now works in IT.

Linh gives her unique experience living in Japan in that she does not sugarcoat her experiences as many other vloggers in Japan. Her experiences are different from the white vloggers that reside in Japan now. Her vlog on her Depression in Japan is really one of the few vlogs in Japan that shows the difficulties of life in Japan especially for someone who is not Japanese.

The Life of a Salarywoman was actually the first vlog I watched from Linh’s YouTube page.

Chill with Linh

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