Vietnamese Cajun Food Fusion in Louisiana


Amazing! Vice did a great piece on the influence of Vietnamese Americans in the Cajun state of Louisiana. Who would have imagined fusions between Cajun food and Vietnamese food.

Big EZ Seafood Cajun Vietnamese food

One of the restaurants, Big EZ, serves crawfish and gumball with a Vietnamese twist. I just got hungry looking that this clip. I love crawfish, called crawdads where I am from in the Pacific Northwest.

Big EZ Seafood in Louisiana
Big EZ Seafood in Louisiana

Banh Mi Boys

Banh Mi Boys offers some of the most appealing banh mi I ever seen. Yes, I want to try the Chicken Katsu banh mi. For me, it is worth a trip to Louisiana just to try this banh mi.

Banh mi Katsu - Banh Mi Boys
Chicken Katsu Banh mi – Banh Mi Boys

Vietnamese Cajun is the Unsung Food Hero of New Orleans

Watch the below clip to see how Vietnamese influenced the Cajun cuisine in Louisiana.