Filthy Vegan – new Saigon vegan restaurant


Filthy Vegan, run by the same infamous owner of Bookworm’s Coffee, just recently opened a new vegan restaurant near the corner of De Tham and Co Bac in District 1 (just a short walk from the Backpacker Area) at 86 Co Bac, District 1. It is located in a very convenient area where the new “Pham Ngu Lao” has been shifting to.

One big difference from Bookworm’s Coffee is that the Filthy Vegan is definitely a lot brighter. It is actually a place you could work in if you wanted too. Even the owner, Kieron Bell, seems quite nice and happy though I do not reckon Americans walking in with their Bald Eagle hats. There are more seats and space per table as well.

The Food

The menu is a little new but you still have some familiar vegan items.

I decided to go for the banana shake with oat milk. This would be the first time I had oat milk in my life. It was quite good.

For the main meal I went with the Mexican dog with extra fries. I really love the vegan chili con carne that came with the meal. Be forewarned, this will fill you up. I just came from the gym so I was a big surprised I did not buy another main dish.

Finally I finished the meal with a banana nut walnut muffin. Definitely a very tasty item.

The final price was very reasonable. I ended up paying 180,000 VND ($7.73 USD) which is a good price for this location. Overall a great meal.

Nice Metal Straw

One last comment. I am actually not a fan of metal straws but these particular ones at Filthy Vegan were quite nice. They were not tall and skinny as the ones I tried in other restaurants. The straw was shorter and a bit wider inside. It also did not change the taste of the shake. More importantly, I liked the coldness at the tip as I was drinking the shake. It was a good metal straw.

Filthy Vegan is a great spot for veggies and vegans alike. You can even bring your non-vegan/veggie friends along. They will be surprised at the taste of the food.

Filthy Vegan, 86 Co Bac, Co Giang Ward, Quan 1.