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I have been interviewed by various media sources.  Below are some of the interviews:

My Early Days

On one fine April 16th back in the year of our lord, opps, I meant in the Year of the Rat/Mouse (Nezumi, yeah part of the name of this website!!!). I was born in Mountain View, California, USA, to an American father and a Japanese mother making me a Japanese Amerasian. Lucky me, eh, for good things spawned out of Mountain View, besides myself that is, such as Google.

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(A very young me 🙂 )

Unfortunately for me, I did not get to see the rise of Google. Instead, my father brought the family to this small southwestern Washington town called Centralia.

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(My high school Senior picture)

After spending nearly 17 years of my life Centralia, I graduated in 1990, from Centralia High School (Home of the Tigers). In retrospect, I now know I owe much of my success from living my life in Centralia. Despite the complaints I hear about Centralia High School, the academic program gave me the tools I would later need to succeed in college. First, though, I needed to spend my time in the military.

US Marine Corps

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, VietnamKevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(Private Miller, USMCR)

I remember the day I decided to join the US Marine Reserves very well. I signed my 8 year contract a couple of days before Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Yeah, what luck but at the time, I did not care. I needed this thing called the GI Bill that would help pay for my college. After spending one year in training with the Marines, I headed to Seattle in 1991 and eventually would earn a double-degree Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington. Yep, I was an overachiever! 🙂

Central Asia Bound

Peace Corps in Karatau, Kazakhstan

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(My Kazakh students in Karatau, Kazakhstan)

After completing my degrees, I decided to join the U.S. Peace Corps (I received a medical discharge from the Marines Corps on October 31, 1996).  I was selected to serve as a Secondary School English Teacher in Karatau (which means Black Mountain in Kazakh), a small Kazakh town in southern Kazakhstan (About a 10 hour train ride from the Peace Corps Office in Almaty). I served two years in Kazakhstan.

ACCELS in Kyrgyzstan

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(Kyrgyz High School Exchange Program Participants)

After the Peace Corps, I was given a 4-month contract to serve as a Program Recruiter for the Freedom Support Act’s “Secondary School Exchange Program” with the American Councils for International Education (ACTR/ACCELS). I was sent to the Kyrgyz Republic to conduct the exams and interviews. It was an interesting job and I got to see most of Kyrgyzstan and parts of Uzbekistan. As part of the training, I got to visit Moscow, Russia, for one week.

Studying Russian at the University of Washington

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(My Russian Class)

After my stint in Kyrgyzstan, I returned to Seattle and in the following summer enrolled in an intensive Russian course. I am not sure why I did this since I already knew Russian and I never studied for my classes. My Russian Instructor and her TAs were really great!  They were a bit amazed that a guy could not study a language and still pass the schools with a 3.0.  Not bad, eh, but next time I will study harder…

Indiana University Days

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(My Indiana University IT Project Group)

Then in the summer of 2000, I started work on my Master’s of Public Affairs at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University – Bloomington. During my three years at IU, I was lucky enough to make several trips to Turkey (Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, and Manavgat) and my mother’s hometown in Sasebo, Japan. While in Istanbul in 2002, I spent one month volunteering with the Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV). I really enjoyed my time with the kids at TEGV.

Kevin Miller - TEGV Turkey

(My Turkish students from the TEGV Charshamba Education Park)

My new home, Vietnam

After three years, I earned my degree and eventually moved back to Seattle for a year before making my move to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

In Vietnam, I originally volunteered with an organization helping Amerasians with the Amerasian Foundation and it’s Global Network. Once in Vietnam, I decided to take a teaching position with SEAMEO RETRAC where I spent a year teaching English and overseas preparation courses. After a year I served as an IT Director for the American Pacific University International School but left after four months to rest and relax. I taught American History and Sociology with the Center for International Education and later with the Saigon Institute of Technology.   I taught Computer Science and ICT with the American International School in District 10 of Saigon.  I also also served as the Alumni Chapter Leader for Indiana University in Vietnam (2009-2013)  which officially became a chapter up in Hanoi in May, 2015.

American Pacific University International School Students - Kevin Miller, Jr

(I am being harassed by my Web Development Students at APU)

After living in Vietnam for roughly two years, I was offered a consultant position with Indochina Capital, one of the leading investment firms in Vietnam. Briefly I served as the Creative Services Manager with Indochina Capital but a month later I returned to my consultant position.  I remained with Indochina Capital and Mekong Securities until August, 2008.   During my time with the various securities and private equity firms, I build a strong network and friendships in the investment and security sectors in Vietnam.

In 2008, I joined VinaConsulting as a Senior Technical Consultant and later as the Director of Corporate Development.  I later moved to MNG Joint Venture Partnerships in later 2008 serving the same capacity focusing on IT consulting, market advisory and import/export.  I also formed my own company, Saigon Linux Group (SLG) Vscapeone where I served as both IT Consultant and General Director.   In late 2009, I consulted with SME Securities for about 4 months gaining more valuable experience with the Vietnamese market.

International School MYP ICT/Design Teacher

I joined the Horizon International Bilingual School (HIBS) in June, 2010, as the IT Director for one year.  I also help out The American School of Vietnam with their summer programs.  I became a credentialed ICT teachers in April, 2013, from the state of California (CTC – Industrial and Technology) so I intend to spend some more years teaching IT whenever possible.

I am currently teaching IB MYP ICT/Design and IB MYP Media/Drama at the Miras International School in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  I will stay in Kazakhstan until at least June, 2016.

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon Karaoke

(Lounging around in a Saigon karaoke club)

My Future

I received my three-year temporary resident card in June, 2010, which was extended to May, 2016, back in May, 2013.  In the future I will either remain in Kazakhstan, move back to Vietnam or possibly work in another country somewhere in East or Southeast Asia.

Kevin Miller, Jr. - SLG Vscapeone

(Working at my “office” in Java Cafe)

More Fun Pictures of Me 🙂

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, VietnamKevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, VietnamKevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, VietnamKevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(All pictures of me!)

Kevin Miller, Jr., Saigon, Vietnam

(Hello from Vietnam!)

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