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Legalization of US Documents Got Easier

I remember the headache I went through, with many others, back in 2009-2010 when I had to get my university diploma authenticated for the work permit.  Back in mid-2010, it was an expensive and time consuming process.  Before, the Vietnamese Embassy wanted all documents that were notarized in your state to be authenticated by the […]

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HR Company Scams in Vietnam

Be wary of HR boutique companies in Vietnam

Edit: For legal purposes, I was asked to remove company names from this post.

Since my brief consulting stint helping a previous clientin the investment sector find some employees in 2006, I have, off and on, helped companies and organizations find potential candidates and interns.   I got paid pretty good for finding some staff members for my client.  A couple other companies later hired me as a consultant to interview potential candidates.  I even joined a Vietnamese company a couple years ago and posted jobs online for their HR company.  When candidates were matched, I would get paid a couple months later.  I called it easy money back then.

Unfortunately (more…)

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