Crossfit and Weightlifting in AlmatyReactor Crossfit

My favorite weightlifting gym in the world.

I have a lot of fond memories of Reactor Crossfit. I joined roughly one week after moving to Almaty in November, 2013. I continued until May, 2014, at which point the Crossfit box moved to another location too far for me to commute daily. Lucky for me, they moved to Navoi Street which was walking distance for me from my apartment at Mega.

Reactor Crossfit was the first gym since 1996 that allowed me to do the Olympic Lifts. How awesome was that. It's also has a great community that I still communicate with today.

The original Reactor Crossfit at Mega Center - Almaty, Kazakhstan
The original Reactor Crossfit at Mega Center.
Reactor Crossfit at Mega Center - Almaty, Kazakhstan
It was so nice to be able to "drop" the weights again. Unfortunately this location was too small for the Crossfit community so they moved to another location.
Ilya Illyin at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
In January, 2014, I got to meet World and Olympic Champion, Ilya Illyin, at Reactor. His team worked out at Reactor for a couple months before leaving for Poland. They later returned in the year for the World Championships. Ilya is friends with the owners of Reactor.
Reactor Crossfit on Navoi Street - Almaty, Kazakhstan
I spent a year at Crossfit Bruteforce which is also near Mega. Then in May, 2015, Reactor Crossfit moved to Navoi Street not far from Mega. I was so happy. I missed these lockers.
New plates at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
They equipped the gym with new plates measured in KG.
Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
This location had its own "runway" platforms for the Crossfit classes.
400 lbs deadlift at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Two members lifting 400 lbs, not KG. These guys were funny and hard working.
My lifting platform at Reactor Crossfit - Almaty, Kazakhstan
Eventually the two main lifting platforms were moved to this location. We were getting in the way of the class. I really loved it here. I did most of my training with Coach Nikolai Ge here.


A great community. Reactor is the place to visit if you are in Almaty and need to lift. The owners are in New Zealand now but many of the same trainers are still there.