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Le Creperie Saigon

La Creperie Brittany Restaurant in Saigon

Update: If you want the free Brittany Kir cocktail, please email Vincent at  v.page@lacreperie.com.cn

Edit: The free cocktail is Brittany Kir, not wine.  My mistake.

A couple weeks ago, I was extended an invitation to visit the new La Creperie Restaurant in District 1.  La Creperie is the first authentic Brittany French restaurant to open in Saigon.  (First 50 people who comment below will get a free Brittany Kir.  See details below.) (more…)

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My bone with eggs and rice - Bone 2 Chi Em, Saigon, Vietnam

Bone 2 Chi Em

I was hungry the other day swaying a bit from my from my normal halal diet routine.  I saw a Bone 2 Chi Em on Nguyen Van Dau street in the Ben Thanh District so I decided to give it a try with my friend.  I tried it before in the Tan Binh District but that no location was not good.  This was was the opposite, it tasted good. (more…)

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Bon Mua Restaurant Cheats Muslims in Saigon

Why I will never visit Bon Mua Restaurant again

Today I visited the Bon Mua Restaurant with two Expat friends.  I visit Bon Mua at least once a week and you can say, until today, I am a very faithful customer.  They know me now.  With most restaurants that you visit here in Saigon, if they start to know you, the service gets better, and if you are lucky, you can get a VIP discount.  At Bon Mua today,  (more…)

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