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New Halal Malaysian Restaurant – Warung Saigon

My friend, who is part owner of Halal Saigon, just opened a new halal Malaysian restaurant catering to the Malaysian tourists.  The prices are...
Bitexco Building (Saigon, Vietnam)

Bitexco Building on a sunny Saigon day

This picture speaks for itself...
Vuvuzela Beer Club (Saigon, Vietnam)

Funny sign at Vuvuzela

Vuvuzela is a new beer house in Saigon.  They got some really funny signs all over the beer house.
Vuvuzela Beer Club (Saigon, Vietnam)

Table at Vuvuzela Beer Club

Yeah, beer is the main product here at Vuvuzela Beer Club.  They were offering free beers for their promotion last week.  Many Vietnamese took...
Mono Coffee Shop (Saigon, Vietnam)

Mono Cafe

A coffee shot located in the Dakao Ward in District 1.  A new coffee shop I visited with decent prices.
Al Fresco's (Saigon, Vietnam)

Why I like Al Fresco’s

Al Fresco's is a famous restaurant chain in Saigon.  One of the most popular things you can do while waiting for your food is...
Nguyen Hue Street (Saigon, Vietnam)

Nguyen Hue Street (2013)

Night shot of Nguyen Hue street in Saigon.