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Reviews of some of the most interesting restaurants, coffee shops and cafes throughout Saigon.

Dragon fruit

One of my favorite fruits in Vietnam.

Vegetarian English Breakfast at Bookworm

I decided to try the vegetarian English Breakfast at Bookworm during the week. I was very surprised, it was quite good. I never thought...

Japanese books at Bookworm

For those interested in Japanese books, Bookworm has a stack of them alongside their English language books. Could be a good way to...

Yakisoba in Saigon

I am a fan of yakisoba. I eat yakisoba with rice and vegetables at least three times a week. I bought this brand from...

This is the life…in Saigon

This picture sums it all up. This is what life in Saigon is like. Sitting in a coffee shop having coffee watching the motorbikes...

Another vegetarian meal in Saigon

This was my lunch last week.

Phuc Long Coffee at Lotte Mart

This is where I study Japanese with my Japanese teacher once a week. Great location to study.